Friday, March 20, 2009

More Obsessing about Free Internet in Salem

I know I probably sound a little obsessive about free internet around here. Either that or you all just think I'm really cheap. Which I sort of am. At least about some things.

Here's the thing: I think having internet should be a given in this country. Sort of like free education and indoor plumbing. I would like it to be available wherever I go.

And it's not just about me being cheap and not wanting to pay for it at home. The real thing is that I don't really like to sit at home alone and work. I never have. During college I would do all my studying in the busy part of the library or in a coffee shop. So, even now, when I need to get some work done on my computer I end up going out in public.

Which led me to Venti's Wednesday night. I thought they would have WiFi. Somehow, they just seem hip like that. But no. They don't.

Although, when I asked, the girl behind the counter suggested I sit by the window and maybe I could pick up someone else's.

Sure enough! What do you know, I can get La Perla's internet from Venti's too. They must have a strong modem signal.

So, I'm really starting to think that I should take my computer there and give them my business since I have been using their internet from all over town.

I do eat there regularly, since they have the best tacos and tamales in town, but I should really patronize them more often.

Yum. More tacos. :)


Melina Tomson, MS said...

I like heading down to the Blue Pepper and working there too. I seem to get more done over coffee and a bagel and support our local places at the same time.

The Mulligan Family said...

Thanks for letting me know how well the Split Pea soup turned out. I always wonder what people think after they have tried one of my recipes. I'm really happy you were pleased! Cheers... here to some sunshine on our spring break. As of 5pm today I was officially on vacation! yippie!

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