Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Internet in Salem

Okay, so awhile back I wrote a post about coffee shops in town and mentioned their internet access. I think I should do an update on some of the internet spots I use. I don't actually have internet at home. Partly because I'm too lazy to research the best options available in my neighborhood, but mostly because I'm trying to pay off school loans on a teacher's salary. So, I rely on the goodness of merchants in town for supplying free wifi.

Coffee Shops:

  • Blue Pepper - Very reliable internet access, plus desktops and a printer if I need to print (for a fee)
  • Coffee House Cafe - Never had a problem with access or logging on, but I don't use it often
  • The Beanery (Liberty St) - Extremely unreliable service (although you can sometimes access La Perla's internet from across the street in the Reed Opera Bldg if you sit in front of the Beanery).
  • The Governor's Cup - Pretty reliable service. If it isn't working they are usually pretty good about resetting it if you ask.

Other Hot Spots:

  • Boon's Treasury - Good access. Plus you can get a beer. :)
  • Johnny's - Seems like good access, although I've only used it once. Good atmosphere, too.
  • La Perla Tapatia (in the Reed Opera House) - Seems like it has a good strong signal. I've actually only ever used it from the sidewalk across the street, but it seems pretty reliable. I guess I'll have to go get a taco with my internet soon!
  • Skipper's - I haven't tried it, but I saw a sign for it the other day. Plus they have an endless chowder bowl. Sounds like a winning combination. :)

If you know of any other great spots in Salem for free Wifi, let me know. Especially any outdoor spots for this summer!

(Sorry if you read this when it was halfway posted. I don't know what happened to the rest of my original post. It mysteriously disappeared.)


KandN said...

I've heard good things about Blue Pepper from Eat Salem Man, but I've never tried out wifi in Salem.
Last year we were camped out at OHSU for 2 weeks. Their wifi worked out okay, but after 4 days we were moved to the VA building (some floors are leased by OHSU) where the wifi didn't reach. That's when we discovered why Portland's experiment with free wifi didn't pan out. We didn't mind having to download the little ad bar, but we did mind the slow connection rate and being dropped if we didn't sit and hold the laptop in just the "right" position in front of the window. After I developed a sore back and stiff neck, I decided I could hand write my blog entries to add when we went home to take showers. :>P

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