Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday Morning at Busick Court

Sunday morning was one of those perfect fall mornings that is crisp and cool, a little blustery, but not too much. I had breakfast with a friend and we decided it was perfect weather to walk down to Busick Court for their Sunday brunch.

First we put our names in on the list and found out that the wait was about 25 minutes. Since we had noticed that people were eating breakfast at Copperjohn's next door, we decided to stop in and see what they had on their menu. The problem was apparent the minute we walked in. It smelled like smoke. And that is not something I can stomach at 10:00 in the morning. I can deal with it in the evening, but not with my breakfast. Nevertheless, we looked at the menu, which was small, but looked delicious and reasonably priced. We asked about the smoking ban in January and found out that they are going to do a remodel to make sure the smoke smell doesn't linger. I might try their breakfast after that.

Back to Busick for brunch. I had the Broadway Joe scramble with a biscuit and gravy. It was delicious all around and of course there was plenty to fill me up and even take home. They have very hearty portions. My friend got a Chicken Cordon Bleu meal, but was disappointed that the sausage and ham were just piled on top rather than stuffed in the chicken breast.

The place was busy and seemed like it was a little understaffed. It took much longer than usual to get our coffee refilled. In fact, I only got refilled twice, when I normally drink 3-4 cups with a brunch meal.

It started raining while we ate, but we made our way home through the drizzle and the leaves by walking almost the whole way under the eaves of different stores and buildings. It was a beautiful way to spend a drizzly fall morning.


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