Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movie Theater Popcorn

I never buy food or drinks when I go to the movies. It's just too expensive and I figure that eating mindlessly, while absorbed in the movie, is probably not the best thing for my girlish figure. But last night I got a reminder about just how bad an idea movie popcorn really is.

I went to see Mamma Mia with my sister and brother-in-law. The movie is cute if you like campy musicals, ABBA music, and happily-ever-afters. Sometimes I happen to like happy, campy, ABBA musicals so I actually quite enjoyed it.

Now, I also like popcorn. My sister decided to buy a large popcorn with extra butter. Can you see where this is going? The popcorn was there. The movie had my attention. And my hand just kept reaching out to grab more popcorn. I swear I didn't even know what it was doing. Pretty soon there would just be more popcorn in my mouth, so I would chew it and swallow it and...what-do-you-know? Then it would happen all over again. I think they put something addictive in that extra butter.

We ate a light dinner at La Perla Tapatia, my favorite Mexican food place. I just ordered a couple of tacos since I wasn't really hungry after the popcorn.

Flash forward 3 hours. I'm lying in bed, not feeling so well. I realize it probably wasn't a good idea to eat that much popcorn, then add tacos with hot sauce, and about half a gallon of water (I was thirsty after all the salt). Suddenly I realize that the popcorn doesn't want to be in my stomach anymore. Apparently I don't really digest that much popcorn very well. You guessed it. It all came back up. Ewww. But at least I felt better after that. :)

So from here on out I plan to go back to my normal movie tradition of not eating snacks. Apparently, I don't multi-task well.


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